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EarWell® Infant Ear Correction Device is a type of ear mold which is applied by a physician and is customized to treat various different deformities.

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As an accomplished plastic surgeon, Dr. Jandali offers non-surgical ear molding treatment for some infants with type 1 and type 2 microtia at his practice

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Newborn Earlobe Deformities

Newborn earlobe deformities can occur by themselves or in conjunction with outer ear deformities. Earlobe deformities can look abnormal and also make it difficult to

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Cryptotia Ear Deformity

For babies with cryptotia, ear molding can positively change their overall appearance. Parents of babies with cryptotia will often call the office and state that

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Constricted/Cup Ear Deformities

Constricted ear deformities can cause your baby’s ear to appear cupped or folded and can be harmful to your baby’s appearance and health. At Dr.

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Inverted Conchal Bowl Deformity

The inverted conchal bowl deformity is a rare ear condition that causes the conchal area to protrude. The conchal area of the ear is ordinarily

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Conchal Crus Deformity

Conchal crus deformities of the ear are rare by themselves, but often present with other ear deformities. Parents often call the office and state there

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Flat Helix Ear Deformity

Flat helix ear deformities are one of the many congenital ear deformities that exist. Parents will often call the office and describe their “baby’s ears

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Helical Rim Deformity

If your newborn has helical rim ear deformities, Dr. Jandali can provide safe, effective ear molding to treat your baby’s ear condition. Parents will often

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Stahl’s Ear Correction

As a relatively common ear deformity, Stahl’s ear deformity creates a pointed appearance to the upper ear. Stahl’s ear deformities can be the cause of