Stahl’s Ear Correction

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As a relatively common ear deformity, Stahl’s ear deformity creates a pointed appearance to the upper ear. Stahl’s ear deformities can be the cause of teasing and bullying later in life. At Dr. Jandali’s office, ear molding can provide you with a non-surgical solution for easily correcting Stahl’s ear deformities for a more natural-looking appearance. 

What is Stahl’s Ear Deformity?

Stahl’s ear deformity, also known as Spock ear, vulcan ear, or elf ear, refers to extra cartilage along the scapha portion of the upper ear, causing a pointed ear shape. Stahl’s ear deformity is caused by misshapen cartilage. In normal ears, the inferior and superior crus of the antihelical fold both make up the upper portion of the ear. For infants with Stahl’s ear, an extra fold extends the outer edge of the rim, causing the upper ear to create a pointed shape and sometimes flatten. 

Many researchers agree that this ear deformity is caused by muscle abnormalities in the ear, as the ear contains an extra ear muscle called the auricular transverse muscle. This muscle creates the extra cartilage fold of the ear, and its shape can vary greatly. In most cases, Stahl’s ear doesn’t affect the baby’s hearing or ear function but can be a source of teasing, bullying, and self-esteem issues for children later on in life. 

Non-Surgical Solution in Babies Needing Stahl’s Ear Correction

If your infant’s ear condition doesn’t improve within the first week after birth, ear molding can help. Ear molding is considered the best non-surgical treatment for infants and babies with pointed ears, as it works to reshape the ear using a silicone prosthesis. During your baby’s ear molding session, the device is placed along the ear’s outer and inner rim for at least four weeks and helps reshape the ear to a more curved, natural appearance.

When visiting Dr. Jandali’s office, he will monitor your baby’s progress, ensuring that they have natural-looking ears at the end of their treatment. Throughout his career, Dr. Jandali has helped hundreds of newborns reshape their ears using ear molding techniques. Parents are pleased to know there is a safe, painless molding technique that provides excellent results. 

If you’re curious about ear molding for your newborn’s ears, then know that with this technique, most ear deformities can be easily treated over four to six weeks. It is the best technique to obtain natural and symmetric ears with permanent results for life. Ear molding provides numerous benefits, including: 

  • Responsive: Infants, during their first few weeks of life, have high estrogen levels, causing their cartilage and skin to be pliable and soft. As your baby grows, the estrogen levels recede, causing the cartilage to become more rigid over time. 
  • Painless: Ear molding is a painless process for your baby, making it an excellent option for correcting ear deformities. Babies completely ignore the ear molds and they do not affect hearing, sleeping, or nursing.
  • Effective: As the device is worn over the four to six weeks, progress can be seen at each two week visit. The ears gradually obtain an improved, symmetric, and natural looking shape. Ear molding can sometimes be started up to three months of age, depending on the firmness of the cartilage and the severity of the deformity. 
  • Non-Surgical: Ear molding is a great option for parents, as it removes the need for surgery with its associated risks, pain, healing time, and expenses. Every parent would rather avoid surgery if possible.

Give Your Baby Stahl’s Ear Correction with Ear Molding

If you have a newborn with Stahl’s ear deformities, then non-surgical ear molding may be your solution. Dr. Jandali offers non-surgical ear molding treatment for infants with Stahl’s ear deformities at his practice in Connecticut and all five metro boroughs in New York City. For more information, contact Dr. Jandali to learn more about your baby’s candidacy for ear molding. By working with Dr. Jandali and your infant’s pediatrician, ear molding can change their life forever.

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Stahl’s Ear Correction
Stahl’s Ear Correction
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