Ear Molding in Queens, NY: Correcting
Newborn Ear Deformities with Care and

If you’re a parent in the Queens borough of New York City and have recently discovered that your precious baby has an ear deformity, we understand your concerns. This blog aims to provide you with valuable information on non-surgical ear molding, its benefits, and how you can access this effective treatment option to help your baby achieve natural-looking ears and boost their self-confidence later in life.

As a concerned parent in Northern New Jersey, it’s important to understand the different types of ear deformities that newborns can have. Common conditions include prominent ears, ear lidding deformities, helical rim deformities, Stahl’s ear deformities, cryptotia, and more. By familiarizing yourself with the specific condition affecting your baby’s ears, you can better advocate for their care and explore appropriate treatment options available in Northern New Jersey. Visit our main webpage for more information on the various types of ear deformities.

Benefits of Early Ear Molding for Babies in Queens, NY, with Misshapen Ears

Early intervention plays a crucial role in correcting newborn ear deformities. In the early stages of life, a baby’s cartilage is soft and malleable, making it the ideal time to address deformities with ear molding. By seeking early treatment, Queens parents can help their baby achieve optimal results and minimize potential psychological and emotional challenges as they grow older.

Ear Molding: Non-Invasive Ear Correction for Newborns in Queens, NY

Ear molding is a safe and non-invasive procedure that effectively corrects various ear deformities in newborns. It utilizes specialized devices like the EarWell system or customized ear molds, which gently apply pressure to reshape the ear cartilage. The procedure provides natural-looking results, ensuring that your baby’s ears develop in harmony with their facial features. Ear molding is now offered to newborns in Queens, NY, as a convenient and nonsurgical alternative for baby ear deformities.

Finding an Expert Ear Molding Specialist in Queens, NY

If you have a newborn with an ear deformity and are from areas in Queens, NY, such as Astoria, Flushing, or Jamaica, you have convenient access to Dr. Shareef Jandali, a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in newborn ear molding. Dr. Jandali performs ear molding in his Manhattan office. Dr. Jandali has performed hundreds of ear moldings with an almost 100% success rate if started in the first month after birth.

Ear Molding Steps: What Queens Parents Should Know

Dr. Jandali and his office will guide you through the ear molding process. At the first visit, he will examine your baby’s ears and identify and explain the deformity and point out any asymmetries. A personalized treatment plan will be reviewed and then the ear molds are applied at the first visit. The earlier ear molding is started, the higher the success rate. While it is best to start within the first 3 weeks after birth, Dr. Jandali has been successful improving ear shape even up to 4 months of age. Regular follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments. All instructions for care will be reviewed at the visit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ear Molding in Queens, NY

Q1: Is ear molding covered by insurance in Queens, NY?
A1: Most insurances cover ear molding since it is used to correct a congenital ear deformity. However, insurance coverage for ear molding can vary depending on your insurance provider and policy. Our team will collect your insurance information before your visit and obtain authorization for the procedure.

Q2: How long does the ear molding process take for babies from Queens, NY?
A2: The duration of the ear molding process can vary depending on when molding is initiated, the severity of the deformity, and individual response to treatment. Generally, ear molding treatment takes 4-6 weeks but can extend up to 8 weeks. Dr. Jandali will develop a personalized treatment plan and schedule regular follow-up appointments to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments. Queens parents should remain committed to the treatment plan and follow the provided instructions to achieve the best results for their baby.

Q3: Are there any risks or side effects associated with ear molding in Queens, NY?
A3: Ear molding is generally a safe and well-tolerated procedure as it is non-surgical in nature. There can be minor risks and potential side effects which are reviewed at the first visit. These may include temporary redness, skin irritation, or superficial wounds, which always resolve on their own. It’s important for Queens parents to closely follow all instructions, attend follow-up appointments, and communicate any concerns promptly to ensure the best possible outcomes for their baby.


If you are a parent in Queens, NY, and your baby was born with prominent ears or an ear deformity, call our office to set up an appointment with Dr. Shareef Jandali for ear molding. Our office number is: 917-708-0018. We will collect all necessary information and get started on the insurance approval process. Our team of experts will get ear molding approved by your insurance so that the procedure can be started as soon as possible.

Ear Deformities Treated with Ear Molding in Queens, NY

Prominent ears – protruding ears, “ears that stick out”, Dumbo ears, cup ears

Ear lidding – “ears that fold over”, “floppy baby ear”, lop ear

Stahl’s ear – pointed ear, Spock ear, elf ear

Helical rim deformities – crooked ear, wrinkled ear, tight ear, fused ear cartilage

Flat ear deformities

Conchal crus deformities

Cryptotia – top of ear buried under scalp skin

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